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Sun Maxilink Prime: 3 Reasons Why My OFW Clients Get a VUL as Their First Life Insurance + Investment Policy

VUL products (like Sun Maxilink Prime) are popular among my OFW clients.  You see,  Sun Maxilink Prime is a Variable Universal Life (V...

[FREEBIES!] I’m Giving Away Tickets to the Money Summit 2016

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Want free tickets to the Money Summit 2016?

Money Summit & Wealth Expo is the pioneer and #1 conference and expo on investing and trading in the Philippines, dedicated to educating and empowering self-directed individual investors through access to investment experts and a market showcase of financial services and real estate properties.

Korea Visa Guide: How I Got My Multiple Entry Korean Tourist Visa (For Pinoys!)

Monday, March 28, 2016
Here's how I got a multiple-entry Korean tourist visa.

My Profile: 

- 24-year old, single, female 
- Authorized by the Insurance Commission to Act as an Insurance Agent
- Authorized by the Securities and Exchange Commission to act as Investment Solicitor 
- Been to Japan, Macau, Singapore and Qatar in the last 5 years 
- With unused single-entry Korean visa when I applied last November 2015. 

It was unused because I wasn't able to fly to Seoul during that time. I felt like the airline rates were too high - and I had a lot of OFW clients who wanted to meet with me, so I thought that Seoul could wait. :) 

And so when I applied this March 2016, I was already familiar with the process. 

Requirements for Filipino employees: 

Sun Maxilink Prime: 3 Reasons Why My OFW Clients Get a VUL as Their First Life Insurance + Investment Policy

Monday, February 29, 2016
VUL products (like Sun Maxilink Prime) are popular among my OFW clients. 

You see, Sun Maxilink Prime is a Variable Universal Life (VUL) plan which combines both life insurance and investment components. 

It allows you to insure your income so your family gets something if something happens to you.

And, it also allows you to invest indirectly in the stock market. 

Ibig sabihin, kapag tinawag na tayo agad ni Lord, at least may makukuhang lump sum ang pamilya mo para tuloy pa din ang pag-aalaga mo sa kanila kahit wala ka na. 

At the same time, since your money is invested, kapag ikaw ay pinalad na mabuhay ng matagal, mayroon ka pa ding matatanggap na pera na pwede mong gamitin habang retired ka na. 

Why do OFW clients like VUL solutions such as Sun Maxilink Prime even though some "financial experts" tell you to you separate life insurance from investments instead? 

It's because of this: 

You and I live in the real world. And in the real world, ideal financial advice doesn't work on everyone. 

In the ideal world of finance, we think it's so easy to just follow financial advice. 

Don't buy Starbucks!

Save 20% of your income!

Separate life insurance from investment!  

What we don't realize is that in the real world, what we think is ideal and what we actually encounter aren't the same thing. 

If you have a budget, you're living below your means, you're protecting yourself, investing for the future and have enough to give back, I won't think you're a bad person if you buy Starbucks and cut down mercilessly on your other expenses. 

If you're just starting out and you can only save 5% of your income for now, that's still great! 5% is better than nothing, diba? You can just increase that gradually. What's important is the habit of saving. 

And if you're more comfortable combining your protection and investment, no problem. What works for others may not work for you. 

It's still better than no protection and no investment, don't you think?

[Financially Free Filipino] Jessie F Naysay Jr.

Friday, February 26, 2016
The Wise Living's advocacy? 

Finance: Money management, investing, and financial consultations :) 

Freedom: Travelling, lifestyle and events 

Fulfillment: Giving back to the community and to organizations who are close to my heart.

And our vision statement? Financially free Filipinos, one family at a time.

It is because of this advocacy that I decided to dedicate a series on featuring my own clients - ordinary Filipinos who are committed to achieving extraordinary feats for their families' future: a financially free lifestyle. 

In today's blog post, we'll be talking to Jessie, a hardworking seaman who dearly loves his family.