6 Easy Frugal Money Tips To Help You Save Money For Your Next Trip

Friday, August 28, 2015
These frugal money tips are easy.

Why? How? When? Where? What makes me say this?

It's because you're going to have a motivation for your savings. You won't save just for the heck of it - you're supposed to save because you want to set aside a portion of your income for future use.

Frugality is all about determining your priorities.

5 Ways to Save Serious Money by Shopping Online

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Last Christmas, I shopped online for gifts that I could give to my friends and loved ones. It was liberating. 

I didn't need to go out and dress up.

I didn't need to travel, so I saved money on gas and parking. 

I didn't need to hit the food court since I wasn't outside. 

And the best part was I didn't need to bargain with salespeople anymore, so, less anxiety for me. :) 

Exploring Doha, Qatar (Part 1) - Lianne at Leisure

Saturday, August 01, 2015
"I saw, I ate, I conquered..."

In today's blog post, I'll be starting a new mini-series entitled "Lianne at Leisure" to talk about my recent travel experiences - either by myself or with my loved ones. Why?

I want to re-experience what I experienced and once again feel the inexplicable joy that comes from the rush of exploring places, learning about different cultures and teasing my palate with a variety of cuisines. 

And let's be honest - I don't want to feel the frustration I felt when all my Japan pictures were accidentally deleted and I was only able to upload 10 pictures. Lol. 

Anyway, keep in mind that these "Lianne at Leisure" posts will be picture-heavy, so proceed at your own risk. :) 

5 Everyday Items That Are MORE Expensive Than Opening A VUL Policy

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Your life insurance is your "family dependency fund". 

You cannot insure life.

You really can't. Why? It's because all of us will be called by God in a point in our lives! 

Well, then, what's the sense of getting a life insurance policy as early as now

Your family dependency fund: 

- is not for you. It's for your loved ones who depend on your income. Dependents don’t have to be children - they can be your spouse, parents, and siblings with special needs. 

- helps to cover your final expenses and your debt. Even if you don't have any dependents, you can still get at least the minimum VUL plan for your funeral expenses and payment of your loans. 

Wag na tayo mag-iwan ng gastusin sa parents natin, please. Pagkatapos nila tayong itaguyod at palakihin, sila pa ba pagbabayarin natin ng final expenses natin? 

- is cheaper and easier when you're younger. If you can only afford term insurance now, then get it. You can convert to a VUL, so it's okay. If you can only afford the minimum VUL coverage, then do so. You can add coverage in the future. 

(READ MORE: A Beginner's Guide to VULs)

How much does a VUL really cost? 

When I went to conduct a free financial literacy seminar to my friends in Jesus Christ, The Name of God community, they expressed that they all want to start opening a VUL account - but the financial advisor they first met gave them proposals that they couldn't afford.