Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Here's Why Sun Maxilink Prime is My Client's Top Choice

Why did my clients get Sun Maxilink Prime? 

This blog post is for you, if you're interested in getting a Sun Maxilink Prime plan for yourself and your family. 

As a licensed Financial Advisor, I frequently receive emails from interested Pinoys who want to start their own journey towards financial freedom. The email would often contain concerns, like: 

-"Lianne, I've read your blog posts about "9 Investing Quotes that Inspire You to Invest Now" and I got hooked. I don't want to put my money in the bank only! Can you help me start investing today? I'm married with 3 children." 

- "Hi, do you know a plan with investment, life insurance and also can cover me until I'm old? I just want to pay for 10 years only but I'll be covered until I'm old." 

- "I want to invest in the stock market but I'm still a beginner. Help! Can I just let pros handle it? I have a son; I'm a single mom." 

- "How much do you spend on hair care?" :) (I spend P500 every two months for hair coloring!) 

- "Do you have your own VUL plans?" (I have 2 VUL plans, and I'm in the process of getting my 3rd one this year, because my assets are growing in size, so my life insurance coverage needs to grow, too.) 

Yes, 9 out of 10 emails I get are about product inquiries. 

And it's thrilling! 

Because this means that more and more Filipinos are now becoming more aware that there are better places they can put their money in, instead of just letting it sleep in the bank! 

But it's also awakening. 

You see, I've written around three articles explaining why a VUL product like Sun Maxilink Prime is most preferred by my clients: 

But based on the emails I've been getting, it seems like you want more details, so I thought, why not let my own clients do the talking? :) 

Let's ask them, shall we? 

Gil Miranda, loving husband & father, engineer based in Riyadh 

"We chose to get VUL like Sun Maxilink Prime because working abroad is not secured and stable. Time will come that we need to go back to our home country to start a new living."

"Our hard-earned money should be invested wisely to secure our future and retirement age. Choosing a VUL enables us to have life insurance plus investment plan for our family." 

Sheera Punzalan, pretty & responsible wife & mother, nurse in Qatar

"VUL has insurance and investment and since OFW kami ni hubby, especially my husband, we never know when kami kukunin ni Lord, lalo nasa dagat sya most of the time."

"Our priority is always the safety and security of the future of our kids, and having VUL like Sun Maxilink Prime makes me feel protected and secured kahit ano mangyari samin, hindi mahihirapan mga maiiwan namin kung papaano palalakihin mga kids namin, if ever."

"And if both of us are blessed to live longer until we are old, we also have retirement money to enjoy our remaining days and help our kids if they needed us.. 😊"

Reneelene Prieto, fit & fabulous mom & wife, events coordinator in Qatar

"I chose a VUL plan (like Sun Maxilink Prime) because it is both an investment and a life insurance product, meaning, you are protected. There is a death benefit attached to it aside from providing additional savings and investment options." 

"Even though fluctuations in the market can affect the value of the policy's investment component, the death benefit amount that goes to my beneficiaries is guaranteed and this give me peace of mind knowing that whatever happens in the market, funds will be available from this portion of the policy if needed." 

"Another reason is I want to diversify. I have another VUL plan with another insurance company, a health insurance, have set up my emergency fund, invested in stocks & mutual funds, built up my passive income and I believe it's high time to be protected and get another VUL plan from Sun Life. I want to ensure my child's future in case something happens to me and I am confident that with 3 insurance policies, my child will survive. Thank you for that wonderful question 😂"

Sun Maxilink Prime is a good financial tool that can help you meet your financial goals. 

If you want to request for a FREE proposal, just fill out this form and I will contact you within 24 hours. 

Lianne, do we need to meet, after you send me my proposal? 

It's like this. Imagine you were talking to a doctor. You emailed the doctor, "Doc, here are my symptoms. Based on my symptoms & medical history, please email me the best medicine & treatment I need to take." 

So then your doctor emails you with a list of the best medicines to take and treatments to undergo. 

But you don't have any idea what they mean and what you should do, because you're not familiar with medical terms! So it's better to meet the doctor personally, right? This way, you can ask more questions and understand it easier. 

It's the same thing with financial planning. 

Yes, you filled out that form to request your free proposal. 

But the form's going to contain financial terms that you may not be familiar with - unless, your financial advisor explains them to you in simple and easier to understand terms. It's also easier to meet, so that you can ask me questions and we can address all of your concerns, don't you think? 

I want to meet you, Lianne, but I don't think we can, since I'm far/too busy. 

- The friends/clients I serve are based in Metro Manila, Laguna, Tagaytay, Batangas, Pampanga, Pangasinan, Tarlac and Rizal. 

(If you're not based in these areas, you'll be referred to my trusted partner financial advisors near you, so don't worry.)

- Since I'm a full-time financial advisor, my calendar consists of client meetings, so if you arrange to meet with me, I'm available to meet you. To date, my latest client meeting done was at 9 PM, but if you're only free around 10 PM, then why not? :) Let's meet! 

- Contrary to popular beliefs, when you meet a financial advisor, you have NO obligation to get a product yet, if you don't think it's helpful. That's fine with me. But, if after the meeting, you get enlightened and realize how amazing and helpful it is, then you're free to go ahead and start it right away. That's fine with me, too. 

As a financial advisor, my goal in meeting you is to let you understand and make you realize how important it is to finally reach your financial goals. 

You want to achieve a sizable retirement fund when you get older - I'll help you get started. 

You want to invest for your child's college fund? Fill out this form and I can help you prepare for it. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

10 Affordable (Less than P500!) Things That Make Me Feel Like A Millionaire

I'm celebrating my 26th year of existence today!  

If you're reading this blog post right now, THANK YOU for being here. :)

I'm thankful that this blog has been - and always is - a significant part of my life. 

For my 26th birthday, I'm going make a TWO-PART blog post.

First one is today, which will feature the 10 affordable things (can be items or experiences) that always make me feel like I'm extremely rich, blessed and loved. 

Second is to be posted tomorrow, which will feature 16 easy ways for millenials like us to save money.

Hopefully, this blog post today can help you #treatyoself without breaking your financial goals. Here they are: 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

3 Tips on How OFWs Can Deal With Family & Friends Who Borrow Money

Pautang naman. 

The direct translation of this is: "Please lend me some money." 

But in the Filipino culture, it's an entirely different translation, which is usually: "Please give me some money." 

And for my OFW family members, friends, and even clients, this phrase is something that they're all too familiar with.

Sa atin kasi, pautang = pahingi (most of the time) so I advise my OFW family members, friends and clients that every time they lend money to someone, don't expect that the money will come back. 

In dealing with the "Pautang cycle" that is too deeply ingrained in our culture, you need to be as objective as much as possible. If you let your "awa" and guilt dictate the way you handle your finances, you may end up destroying the financial foundation that you've been trying hard to build in the first place.

What if:

Your non-working (but healthy and able) relative in the Philippines is asking for P20,000 to:
- start his 7th? 9th? 777th? own business
- pay his child's tuition (is your long-lost distant niece a part of your priority?)
- pay his utang (you're not his asset, why should he liquidate you to pay his loan?)
- buy his motorcycle, etc?

Here are three tips on how you can deal with this situation:

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

[Speaker] Financial Fitness Forum 2017

Every time I speak at the Financial Fitness Forum, I feel like I'm having a concert with all my favorite celebrities.

Yes. It's an honor and I'm incredibly thankful for it. 

But it's also a nerve-wracking event because it's not everyday you meet your idols in person and be expected to contribute something significant to the event. 

Did you go to the Financial Fitness Forum 2017 event last March 25? 

If not, this blog post is for you.

I was able to go during the second part of the forum (due to client meetings in the morning). Here are two important takeaways from the conference that financial literacy enthusiasts like you and I can take note of:  


Sunday, March 05, 2017

3 Things Running and Investing Have in Common

Today, I feel energized!

Not because I drank Milo, but because I, Lianne Laroya, finished a 3 KM fun run for the first time in my life! Why is it such a momentous day for me?

It's because as a clumsy, anemic human, I was never a fan of running. It's tiring. You have to dedicate time for it. And it makes you sweat.

And while I was running (for my breath), I came to realize that running and investing have some things in common. For instance, you may have the same feelings toward investing: it's boring. You have to dedicate time so you can start it. And it makes you sweat - since you'll be committing to do it regularly. 

What does running and investing have in common - and what can you do to start investing easily? 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Stuck in EDSA Traffic? Here Are 3 Things You Can Do to Prepare For Your Next Travel

Because when EDSA traffic is forever, you need to "find ways" to still "make the best happen". 

With the rise of Seat Sales and more affordable accommodation options like AirBNB and Agoda, travelling is a trend among millenials today. 

I mean, it's addicting! You can already get a round-trip flight to Seoul for just P2,300! You can stay in a 5-star hotel in Bangkok for 4 nights for just P15,000! Count me in, di ba? 

Unfortunately, though, travel is not just an automatic thing. 

You can't say, "Oh, I want to travel to Tokyo..." and expect that your fairy godmother would magically pop up and give you round-trip tickets, hotel vouchers and pocket money! 

You can't just think, "Paris, I'll come see you next year!" and still spend all your hard-earned money on Disney-themed make-up and Kylie lip sets! 

You can't just announce that you're going to live in Seoul for a month in 2018, if you've never even established a Travel Fund in the first place! 

You need to prepare for travel. And you can actually prepare for travel - while you're stuck in EDSA traffic. Here's how: 

Monday, January 30, 2017

[Financially Free Filipino] Kristal Tan

The Wise Living's advocacy? 

Finance: Money management, investing, and financial consultations :) 

Freedom: Travelling, lifestyle and events 

Fulfillment: Giving back to the community and to organizations who are close to my heart.

And our vision statement? Financially free Filipinos, one family at a time.

It is because of this advocacy that I decided to dedicate a series on featuring my own clients - ordinary Filipinos who are committed to achieving extraordinary feats for their families' future: a financially free lifestyle. 

In today's blog post, we'll be talking to Kristal, a flight attendant from Qatar Airways. 

1. What's your idea of financial freedom? 

"For me, financial freedom means I'm able to buy what I need and want, and I won't depend on other people."