5 Everyday Items That Are MORE Expensive Than Opening A VUL Policy

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Your life insurance is your "family dependency fund". 

You cannot insure life.

You really can't. Why? It's because all of us will be called by God in a point in our lives! 

Well, then, what's the sense of getting a life insurance policy as early as now

Your family dependency fund: 

- is not for you. It's for your loved ones who depend on your income. Dependents don’t have to be children - they can be your spouse, parents, and siblings with special needs. 

- helps to cover your final expenses and your debt. Even if you don't have any dependents, you can still get at least the minimum VUL plan for your funeral expenses and payment of your loans. 

Wag na tayo mag-iwan ng gastusin sa parents natin, please. Pagkatapos nila tayong itaguyod at palakihin, sila pa ba pagbabayarin natin ng final expenses natin? 

- is cheaper and easier when you're younger. If you can only afford term insurance now, then get it. You can convert to a VUL, so it's okay. If you can only afford the minimum VUL coverage, then do so. You can add coverage in the future. 

(READ MORE: A Beginner's Guide to VULs)

How much does a VUL really cost? 

When I went to conduct a free financial literacy seminar to my friends in Jesus Christ, The Name of God community, they expressed that they all want to start opening a VUL account - but the financial advisor they first met gave them proposals that they couldn't afford. 

Uber FREE Rides Manila: 5 Reasons Why I Love Uber (Get Your Free Rides Here!)

Thursday, July 09, 2015
Have you tried getting a free ride from Uber Manila before?

If only I could have a superpower, it would definitely be teleportation for me. Imagine teleporting to Japan for the night just so I could eat authentic ramen, or to Seoul for the weekend just so I could watch a K-pop related concert! 

How about teleporting to Qatar with my little brother for two days just so we can watch movies and eat cheesy nachos with our parents? 

Or just the simple thought of instantly going from The Fort, BGC to Alabang Town Center in 3 seconds is enough to make me swoon. I could meet 15 clients per day, if only I had this superpower! 

Unfortunately, though, since this isn't available to us (yet...), I'd have to make do with Uber when we have number coding. 

3 Steps to Get FREE Tickets to Money Summit 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Happy Sweldo Day! :) 

As I recently celebrated my 24th birthday last June 26, God blessed me with two gifts:

- "OMG!" Where Did Your Sweldo Go?" book became a National Bookstore best-seller; and, 
- Learning Curve is giving away 10 FREE tickets to Money Summit 2015 exclusively for TheWiseLiving readers! 

Money Summit & Wealth Expo is the #1 conference and expo on investing and trading in the Philippines, dedicated to educating and empowering self-directed individual investors through access to investment experts and a showcase of financial services and real estate properties.

I've been a regular attendee of the Money Summit and Wealth Expo before, and it's an experience that's perfect for everyone: whether you're:

- clueless about investing;
- already owning several paper assets like mutual funds, UITFs and VULs;
- interested in real estate;
- looking for ways on how to improve your investor's mindset;
- dedicated to beating the PSE index, 
- or just waiting for the right push to get started! 

5 readers of TheWiseLiving.com will get 2 tickets each! 

This way, you and your friend/neighbor/life partner/teacher/client/sibling/parent/gym instructor/personal chef can go ahead and attend this life-enriching event - for free. Para hindi din masyado awkward if you go there by yourself, right? :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't want the raffle but want FREE tickets pa din?

All readers of TheWiseLiving.com can avail of FREE Day 1 pass valued at Php1,800 if you avail of Day 2 (Real Estate or Stock Market Summit). 

To register, visit http://www.money-summit.com and apply coupon code "THEWISELIVING."

This contest runs from July 01 to July 10 only. 


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Spending My 24th Birthday at Doha, Qatar :)

Friday, June 26, 2015
It's been a while since I celebrated my birthday with my parents.

And I have to say, it made me nostalgic and a little bit teary-eyed - not because my papa joked that I should cover the bill (I did! :)) but because the last time I remember celebrating my birthday with my parents was when I turned 18? 

My parents are OFWs, so whenever June 26 comes, they're in Qatar and we're in the Philippines. 

Not this time, though. Because we also visited Qatar! And here's a quirky recollection of my birthday celebration held at Yee Hwa Restaurant in Doha.