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7 Things I'll Conquer in 2017 [PLUS Get Your FREE #CONQUER2017 Wealth Planner here!]

Thursday, October 20, 2016
I will CONQUER these seven things for 2017. 

Have you started your personal planning for next year? 

Normally, I do this every end of the year, but since I want to get an early start, I thought, why not start planning for it today? 

Let me sum up my goals for 2017 using one word: FREEDOM. 

You see, there's only ONE person responsible for what's happening in your life.

That person is YOU. 

"You're 100% responsible." 

Your income. Your debt. Your relationships with your family, your friends, your significant other. Your level of happiness. Your fitness level. Your job. Your business. 

Heck, you're even responsible for your chosen hair color! 

I tell this to myself every time I feel like blaming someone else: "If I'm responsible for my life, I'd like to be responsible for my own happiness. And so I'd like to be responsible in planning out what my life is going to be!" 

Here's my #CONQUER2017 plan. 

This 2017, I'll conquer:

Focus: Financial Advisor & Financial Author 

3 Exciting Reasons Why You Need to Pay YOURSELF First

Monday, October 03, 2016
A certain quote has been prominent in my news feed lately...

"You were NOT born just to work, pay your bills, and die..." 

You completely agree, don't you? 

Of course you do! 

There's no sense in going to work in a place you dislike, working hard, and then using your salary to just pay your bills. 

There's no sense in being a slave to your electric bill, water bill, cable bill, and Internet bill, among others...

There's no sense in staying in this cycle! We're not mindless zombies who exist just to fatten the wallets of other people. 

You should fatten your own wallet first. 

You - your present you and your future you - should be able to savor life and enjoy your money in moderation. 

Here's an idea: 

[Guest Post] 3 Smart Ways to Spend Your Bonus

Thursday, September 29, 2016
Expecting your bonus soon? 

Don't spend it all in one time! Here's how you can spend it wisely.

(This is a guest post from one of my friends from Money Max PH. MoneyMax is the Philippines’ foremost online platform for comparing financial and telecom products and services – fast, comprehensive, and free. Find out more about them hereThanks for sharing, friends!) 

In the usual workplace environment, talking about bonuses is common. You’re probably feeling more hardworking than usual before your performance evaluation. 

A stellar performance review can mean a promotion, a raise, or a bonus. 

If you find yourself getting a bonus or a sudden increase in money, here are 3 smart ways to spend your bonus: 

Photo credits: 401kcalculator.org

[GUEST] Real Talk, CNN Philippines - Managing Your Finances

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
As a Pinoy millenial, how do you manage your finances? 

Last August 30, I was invited by Real Talk, a station-produced show by CNN Philippines to talk about managing your money as a yuppie. 

It was a surreal experience. I was stunned by the amazing hosts, Rachel Alejandro and Christine Jacob - such lovely presences. And I felt honored to be invited.