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Friday, November 14, 2014

4 Situations You Can Dip Into Your Emergency Fund (Guilt-free!)

For over a long time now, I've been advocating for financial literacy. For example, if we talk about financial foundation, it's supposed to be:

- your credit card debt is paid off;
- your income is protected (life insurance);
- your retirement fund account is growing; and,
- your emergency fund is safely stocked in your account. 

emergency fund

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Your Mindset Is Making You Poor: Reasons to Put Off Investing for Every Season

Kung gusto, may paraan...

I remember when I was still a college graduate who recently passed the nursing board exam. Naturally, my relatives expected me to look for a job here in the Philippines so I could go work abroad in the future, right? 

But I didn't do it. I never looked for a nursing job. Instead, I dabbled in entrepreneurship and writing. 

Whenever people asked me why I haven't applied yet, I'd make up a lot of excuses. Some of my reasons were: 

- "Oh, I don't feel like I'm ready for it yet." 
- "I don't think a 19-year old can go abroad already?"
- "Sorry, I'm really clumsy, so..."
- "I haven't completed my resume yet. Hehe!" 

But the real reason why I never looked for a nursing job? 

It was never my passion. Simply put, it was not important to me. And so I didn't find a way to make it happen!

(Note: Pursuing a freelance writing job, managing an online business and being a financial advisor are also never easy, but because they're important to me, I always find a way to do them.)

If you're committed to doing something, you'll always find a way to succeed. 

If not, you'll always find a way to procrastinate. 

Your mindset is an immensely powerful tool that can make or break your financial future. I can give you a thousand reasons to invest for your future, but if you're not convinced that it's important to you, then everything I say will just fall into deaf ears. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shinjuku: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building & Shinkoyo Ramen (新高揚 ラーメン) - Day 1 in Tokyo:

If you recall, I went to Tokyo last August 21. Now, it's already October and I haven't been able to post any Japan trip blog posts yet! 

Why? I've been a bit busy... :) 

August 2014
- finished my RFP case study 
- revised our "OMG! Where Did Your Sweldo Go?" book
- launched our sister website: YoungPinoyMillionaire.com

September 2014 
- missed Tokyo and did a bit of emotional procrastination
- made a Japan video on "9 Cheap Things You Can Do in Tokyo (On A Budget)

- finalized our book's cover 
- solicited book blurbs 
- produced an article for Bro. Bo's newsletter 
- completed content-editing of a client's ebook on the topic of client's lifetime value 

October 2014
- did interview with WorkAtHomePinoys: Financial Freedom & Freelancing with Lianne
- mentored at Freelance Camp Manila 2014
- "defended" my RFP case study 
- completing my application as an official RFP 

And of course, I've also regularly met a lot of amazing people who are interested in securing their future and investing for their dreams. So, congratulations to all who have opened their own mutual fund accounts and VULs!

Now that I'm a bit available, I've decided to start posting. So, let's go!


As mentioned, once I arrived at Narita Airport, I had to take the Narita Express and go to my chosen cheap hotel in Tokyo, Smile Hotel Asagaya. From here, I met up with my aunt and we immediately headed to Shinjuku!