4 FAQs on Tithing Your Money

I have never heard of the word tithe until I have read Bo Sanchez's book, 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich. What he said about tithing was very insightful, and I have to say that I agree with him on this. Tithing means giving back to God, because we all know that He is the source of everything that we have right now.

I was able to find out the etymology of the said word. Tithe means one-tenth of a something. It can usually be translated to 10% of a something. This tithe is then given as a voluntary contribution to support something that manages to give us "spiritual food".

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Do you tithe your money? 

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding tithing:

1. Why should I tithe?
You should be able to tithe to be able to give back to God. God is the source of everything that we have right now, and tithing adds conviction to that belief.

2. Should I tithe only to the Church?
Every one has different views regarding this one, so I believe that answering this objectively can be deemed difficult. If you believe that other religious organizations are also able to provide you your "spiritual food", then go ahead!

3. When should I tithe?
A person should tithe upon receiving the monetary blessings that he has.

4. Can I tithe in other religious organizations as well?
Like I have said, tithing is up to you. If other organizations can also help you find more meaning in your life, then by all means, go ahead. Tithing to the Church is what I am personally doing right now.

Remember to tithe, people! I heard a joke regarding a rich man who rarely tithes. When he died and went to heaven, he was given a bamboo hut as his home.

He said, "Why only a bamboo hut?"

To which he has been replied with, "This was what we could only built with the money you sent us."

Don't get a bamboo hut - get a mansion instead! 

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