Using the SM Advantage Card

I know what you're thinking: The SM Advantage card? Seriously? Doesn't that, like, suck? Now, now, before you go all Kanye West on me, hear me out first. 

I took the liberty to apply for my own card yesterday. It was only for P150. They gave me a temporary card so I was able to use it immediately when we went grocery shopping. After 21 days, I can get my permanent card with my name on it! Wooh!

Using the SM Advantage Card isn't really that much of a deal. 

Upon getting the temporary SM Advantage Card, I was pleased to find out that they have given me a booklet - sort of like a mini book which shows partner establishments which can give you discounts and freebies. 

There are a lot and these are beneficial since we frequent those establishments, too, anyway! 

I say to each his own. I think that this will only be a disadvantage if you're not really a regular customer in the first place! 

The card is called a rewards/loyalty card because it opts to reward customers who are loyal to the establishment. 

Now, if you don't frequent that and you still bought the loyalty card, then that is the losing side. Do not spend too much because you want the rewards. 

Instead, spend normally and be happy with the rewards, albeit tiny, that you will be given.

Do you have your own SM Advantage Card? 

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