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Why You Should Drink Pure Calamansi in the Morning

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bo Sanchez is advising you to take your Morning Power Drink:

Oftentimes, people find it hard to protect and strengthen their immune system, so what they do is they haphazardly neglect its importance and just do whatever. 

Here's the thing that most people do not know: as of right now, you and I have cancer cells thriving in our body. 

What sets up apart from ill people is our immune systems. If we take care of it, we live a healthy life, and if we fail to do so, we subject ourselves to diseases. 

bo sanchez morning power drink
Yes, this really is Bo Sanchez' Morning Power Drink! 
Once again I am thankful to God for Brother Bo Sanchez. (Fangirl much, Lianne?)

He is one of my inspirational mentors. Just yesterday, he sent an article regarding taking your "Morning Power Juice" and I said to myself, yes, I have to keep reading. 

Just like him I thought I was healthy enough. My family and I eat brown rice as it's much healthier and tastier, personally. We also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and keep meat to a minimum as much as possible. (Hey, we're working on it!) 

Reading his miracle stories made me believe in God more. It also made me believe in the power of natural treatment, or alternative medicine, as others would want to call it. 

What is his daily regimen? He drinks 28 pieces of calamansi. And he takes it pure. Here are his 
4 rules:
  • Take it first thing in the morning. Take it upon awakening and with an empty stomach. 
  • Take it pure. Don't add water and sugar because adding so would make it acidic. 
  • Take it green. Don't take the yellow ones. 
  • Don't take anything else for another hour. Upon taking it, wait for one hour before consuming anything else. I am doing it right now - I've just started taking it so I took 4, and now I'm waiting for another hour so that I can consume my breakfast! After an hour, take your breakfast.
Here are his tips:

- Wash. 
- Slice at the side.
- Squeeze juice together with seeds. 
- Use fork and mix the juice as if you're beating an egg.
- Remove seeds using fork.
- Drink your Morning Power Drink!

Now you might be asking: why calamansi? Isn't calamansi acidic?  Cancer cells live in acidic environment!

The answer is no. Calamansi is alkaline (which is good) if you take it pure. It only becomes acidic when you mix it with water and sugar. 

Also, calamansi is a good source of Vitamin C which is a great antioxidant, a great immune system booster, a great wound healer and a great toxin cleaner! 

Wait, don't get too excited now! If it's your first time taking it, do this:

Day 1: 4 pieces
Day 2: 8 pieces
Day 3: 12 pieces
Day 4: 16 pieces
Day 5: 20 pieces
Day 6: 24 pieces
Day 7: 28 pieces

And then from then on, take 28 pieces everyday!

This is just a small price to pay for your health. 

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