Effective Ways to Reward Yourself

Recently I have mentioned that I have this system which makes me want to save more money in my Emergency Fund. I think I failed to mention this specific Rewards System, so I will be giving you the comprehensive details of it below: 

This is a copy of one of Lead's CDs. I am such a fangirl! 
Whenever I manage to add another P10,000.00 to my Emergency Fund, I give myself permission to be able to splurge. Basically, to "splurge" means to indulge oneself in one's luxury. I mean, who wouldn't want to splurge, right?

Well then, why am I advocating it if I am trying to practice frugality and good money habits? 

This is because I believe that the key is balance. I will only practice splurging whenever I manage to reach my 10k pesos milestone.

So this makes me look forward to saving so that I will be spending something? 

I think of it as motivation and discipline, too. 

I am motivated to spend at least 6 months' worth of my expenses. 

I am also disciplined to wait until I have reached the milestone to be able to splurge. 

Here is my list of splurge items: 

(Obviously, I will only entertain one item per reaching of the milestone). 

1. Lead CDs and DVDs. (Worth P3,000 or less only per splurge) 
2. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf items (Worth P1,000 or less only per splurge) 
3. Eating out (Worth P2,500 or less only per splurge) 
4. Fiction or Nonfiction books (Worth P1,000 or less only per splurge) 
5. Clothes (Worth P1,500 only per splurge) 

I will be thinking of another Rewards System for my investments. :) 

Till next time! :)

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