This Guy's in Love with U Mare! (Movie)

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Today, my lovely family and I decided to watch and do a movie review on This Guy's in Love with U Mare! starring the ever-famous Vice Ganda, Toni Gonzaga and Luis Manzano. We watched it at Market! Market! while munching on some delectable Potato Wedges from Bodato Burgers. Try it - it's guilt-free! (Yes, shameless plugging right there...) 

bodato burgers potato wedges
Potato Wedges (P45) from Bodato Burgers (4/F Market! Market!) 
As expected, it was a great and bombarded hit as Filipinos always love a huge hearty laugh! My family and I enjoyed it; therefore, without further adieu, here is The Wise Living's movie review about This Guy's in Love with U Mare! (Spoilers ahead so tread with caution).

vice ganda this guys in love with u mare
This Guy's In Love with U Mare...such a chaotic joy!
The movie lasted for about one hour and thirty minutes. It was pretty short but enjoyable nonetheless. I just wished it could have lasted for two hours. 

It started with Lester (Vice Ganda) and his friends preparing for Lester and Mike's (Luis Manzano) third anniversary as a couple. Lester bragged that Mike was going to propose to him  so that they can wed in New York. Of course, his friends teased him about him. The group's interaction as a barkada was funny, especially the way they pointed out each other's flaws - true friends, am I right? 

The funny part was when Lester and Mike were already having a dinner. Lester discreetly gave a ring box to Mike under the table (so that his friends couldn't see) and told him to pass it to him. When Mike confusingly passed the ring box to Lester, Lester and his friends over-reacted. It was so funny! "Oh my God, Mike, you're proposing to me?!" Seriously. I couldn't stop laughing!

Long story short: Mike denied and told Lester that he's actually breaking up with him because he changed his religion. Lester was devastated and brokenhearted. I didn't find his brokenhearted coping mechanisms that funny. 

He was depressed until he found out that Mike proposed marriage to Gemma (Toni Gonzaga) - it was here that things took a turn for the worst. He planned to break up the couple by making Gemma fall in love with him. He told his 4 friends to act as thieves and rob Gemma's bag so that he can appear and save her. It was cute how he and his friends displayed Darna's fight scenes! How goofy of them. 

A new love story then unfolds. Gemma starts to pay more attention to Lester than to Mike. Mike is enraged especially when he found out about Lester's true identity. Mike tells the truth to Gemma so Gemma hates them both. The ending was sweet for the couple because Gemma eventually forgives them and marries Mike. Poor Lester was supposed to have Sam Milby as his new love interest until he finds out that he's a priest. (Insert cheesy comical music here). 

Good Points:
  • The prominence of well thought-out jokes is astounding. The best scenes happened right in the middle where Lester was out for sweet revenge. His witty remarks and comebacks had me laughing and gasping for breath.
  • It is a feel-good movie where the viewer doesn't really need to think a lot. It's good old-fashioned comedy as its prime. 
  • Gemma's dad's Justin Bieber hair. Seriously. It was epic.
Not-so-good Points:

  • The word-for-word recitation of dialogue from other movies gets old really fast. Yes it was funny the first time, and okay the second time, but you get tired after the third time and so on. 
  • The idea that "every gay man is attracted to every guy they see" is not really helping disprove the society's stereotypes. I found it disturbing that Lester looked at every man with passion in his eyes. Not all gay men are like that. I know a lot of decent gay men who have self-respect.
  • The message that "straight men only stay with gay men for their money." Yes, this happens in real life, but adapting it into the movies is just too depressing for me. Also, I find it weird that straight men who had relationships with gay men still consider themselves straight. I mean, come on, you were in a romantic relationship with a gay man and you call yourself straight? I don't think so. 
Over all, the movie was light and nice to watch. If you want to enjoy an okay movie and not care too much about its messages, watch This Guy's in Love with U Mare! 

What do you think about This Guy's in Love with U Mare! ?

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