How to Apply for BDO ATM Card (Requirements & Steps)

Have you applied for a BDO ATM card before? Are you sure you know the BDO ATM card requirements? 

If not, then this blog post is especially made for you! 

BDO or BDO Unibank Inc. is a popular choice among a lot of Filipinos mainly because of its convenience and accessibility. Every mall I go to has BDO, how about you? 

Also, a lot of Filipinos trust its name because of its credibility. In fact, just recently, FinanceAsia has named it as the Best Bank in the Philippines. Not bad. 

I have a confession to make, though. When I was in college around 3 years ago, I actually disliked BDO because I always had bad experiences with their staff. No one smiled. No one seemed to enjoy doing his job. And no seat is available for seating! 

Several years later, I've decided to give BDO another chance. I mean, just because I had an unpleasant experience with one of their branches doesn't mean that I have to shun it altogether, right? 

Upon researching, I found out that BDO has a lower amount of maintaining balance with regards to the ATM savings account. BPI demands a P3,000 amount while BDO only wants you to store P2,000 of your money with them. 

I don't know about you but I'd rather invest the P1,000-difference instead of parking it in my ATM savings account. At least with consistent and early investing, I can be positive that I'll be a millionaire! 

Apply for BDO ATM Card - Requirements 

  • At least two (2) valid IDs presented below (with your name, picture and signature)
    • School ID or Company ID 
    • Driver's License 
    • Passport
    • NBI Clearance or Police Clearance
    • Postal ID
      Voter's ID 
    • PhilHealth card, SSS card or TIN card, among others 
  • Two (2) pieces of 1x1 pictures
  • P2,000 to be deposited as your maintaining balance 
  • Proof of billing - other branches require this, although in my experience, they didn't ask for this anymore

Apply for BDO ATM Card - Steps 

  1. Prepare the requirements. You can either bring your originals and let the bank photocopy them for your or bring the originals and two (2) photocopies of your IDs already. 
  2. Go to your preferred BDO branch. You can even choose which one is the best in terms of location and customer service. You'll be with them for a long time, should you choose to, after all. 
  3. Proceed to the New Account desk. Tell the bank officer there that you'd like to open an ATM savings account. Specify that no, you don't want a passbook. (Passbook savings account has P5,000 maintaining balance.) 
  4. Fill out the forms. Check for mistakes and confirm the accuracy of your information. 
  5. Give the P2,000 deposit. Keep the deposit slip with you. 
  6. Come back to the branch after seven (7) working days. 
That's it! Now all you have to do is wait for your BDO ATM card. 

While waiting, why don't you learn more about saving for your emergency fund?

Or how about knowing how to make your own budget?

For any questions, please ask in the comments below!

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