Sunday, December 20, 2015

Singapore 2015: Day 1 at Bedok, Singapore (Siglap Center)

Travels are always fun, especially when they're with people you love. :)  

This December 20 to 22, my family and I were in Singapore to bond, enjoy a new culture and make amazing memories.

Our first fun memory of the trip?

My brother LJ thought that we would just spend the night in Cavite or Tagaytay so he wasn't prepared. Imagine our shock when he told us he just brought a change of clothes for one day only! 

Good thing Mama's always prepared. 

It was a morning flight so we weren't able to have breakfast at home. We bought arroz caldo and drinks at the airport instead. 

Tip: Bring your own water tumbler. This is what I did and I had no problem buying fruit juice and then just asking for free water for my tumbler. 

I love this tumbler. :)

After a four-hour flight, we finally reached Singapore! :) 

I absolutely adore just how much Pinoys love to take pictures and record videos of their memories. When we landed in the airport, there were a lot of Filipinos who wanted to take selfies and groufies all over Changi Airport!

Of course, our family was no exception to this. Kahit sa likod ng poster na ito, solved na! With our smiles, it's not that obvious that we're already famished, no? 

We had no problem hailing a cab. Since we were at the airport around 10 am, we were easily the first in line. The cabbie was extremely nice, too. 

Our cab ride from the airport to Siglap Centre was S$15 = P510, but there were four of us with our luggages, so it was worth it. 

Before heading to the condo unit, we decided to eat brunch. 12 noon pa kasi ang check-in. 

Tip: For an affordable and tasty treat, check out places which are not near tourist spots. They cost less and taste better! 

You can see the price list here. More or less, it's the same price like those in the hawker stalls. 

The kababayan who was working in the establishment we ate it recommended this snack. 

Would you believe that lots of cars park around the corner just so they could buy this? 

This snack is popiah. It reminds me of fresh lumpia but it's sweeter and lighter to the taste. :) 

Papa and LJ enjoyed their meals. We got duck soup and duck noodles. Sarap kasi. 

And the drinks tasted great, too. I really liked mine, it was iced barley. 

The picture is where, you ask? 

In my heart. Naks. 

Here's what my duck noodle looked like. Yes, it tasted as great as it looked!

Before heading to the condo unit that we rented, we decided to grab supplies first for our breakfast the next few days. 

Tip: Instead of going to a restaurant for breakfast, you can save more money if you buy breakfast supplies from a nearby supermarket.

What to buy? Fruit, tea/coffee and bread would do! 

Have you been to Singapore? What did you like most about it? 


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