How To Be A Financial Advisor: 5 Reasons Why Being A Financial Advisor is Perfect For You

A few years ago, I never thought I’d become a financial advisor.

I’m an introvert with no experience in sales – how could I join this career?
But then last 2012, something devastating happened to our family. My lolo suffered his 2nd heart attack and still insisted to be taken to a public hospital far away from our house just because he didn’t want us to spend a lot of money.
And even though I was already working and earning money, I didn’t have the confidence to tell him, “Ok lang yan, ako na po bahala magbayad…” because even though I had an income, I didn’t manage it properly so I didn’t have any savings of my own!

It wasn’t until my lolo Tatang passed away that I realize something: I wanted to be a financial advisor because I’m passionate to share my story to other Filipinos. It was a heart-breaking experience. I don’t want you to experience the same thing.
Now, if YOU desire to teach Filipinos about:
  •  How to manage their money properly – so when they encounter an emergency, they have funds to use for it,
  •  How to protect their income – so that whatever happens to the breadwinner, their family is taken cared of financially,
  •  How to achieve a comfortable retirement – so when they finally stop working, they can enjoy their “golden years”,
  •  How to start investing their hard-earned money, so they can get higher returns than banks…
Then YOU may also be interested about how to be a financial advisor, don’t you think?

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5 Reasons Why You Should Be A Financial Advisor

1. You want Time Freedom.

You’ll work, yes, but you can also enjoy more time with your families. 
When you become a financial advisor, you DON’T need to go to the office from 8 am – 5 pm. You work at your own time.
Have children you’d love to spend more time bonding with? Wouldn’t it be nice if you can make them breakfast and help them with their homework, too? You can do this when you become a financial advisor.
My friend who’s a single mother and also an amazing financial advisor works from 7 am – 2 pm only. She gets to help Filipino families improve their financial lives and she still has time to pick up her son from school everyday.
Have aging parents you’d love to take care of? Or do you have a spouse/life partner you’d love to enjoy life with together more?

What if you want to go to Japan for your honeymoon? Or you want to go to South Korea to celebrate your father’s 60th birthday? You don’t need to file for leaves. Just manage your own working time properly. Whether you work from 6 am – 12 noon, or 3 pm – 9 pm, or 8 am – 1 pm or whatever other working schedule you’d like, it’s all up to you. 

2. You want Location Freedom.

When you become a financial advisor, it’s like a mini-adventure everyday. One day, you may be meeting your clients at a coffee shop in Ortigas City. The next day, you may be meeting clients at their offices all throughout BGC Taguig City. Or maybe next week you’ll meet your client at their home based in Laguna. Or what if next week you choose not to work for three days? It’s all possible.
You can dictate where you want to work. 
Just last June, my family and I went to Tagaytay to have a staycation for my birthday. At the same time, I met with two of my clients based in Tagaytay so I can service them personally. That’s working hard and playing hard – at your own time and at your chosen place!

3. You want to improve the lives of your family and friends. 

Aside from choosing when to work and where to work, I’m sure you’re interested to be a financial advisor because you want to secure a better and brighter future for your family, your relatives and of course, your friends, right?
As a financial advisor, you can make a positive difference in the lives of your friends and families.
After all, you’re teaching them to how secure their income and invest their hard-earned money for college fund of their kids or for their own retirement fund in the future! You’re there to help them and their families, in sickness, in disabilities and even during, God forbid, death.

Being a financial advisor is a career that you can be proud of. Through this, you get to give practical and doable financial advice that your clients can use to manage their income properly.
You get to help families achieve the brighter life that they desire – it’s a noble profession! 
Ready to be a financial advisor and change people’s lives for the better? Email me your updated CV/resume at or add me on Facebook at today. 

4. You want unlimited income.

When you become a financial advisor and join my team, you write your own pay check. There is no limit on how much you can earn because you’ll receive fair compensation for all your hard work – and only you can dictate how much money you’ll receive in your bank account every 15 days.
Because of Sun Life, being a financial advisor helps me send my brother to college, purchase multiple lands in our province, start several life insurance and investment accounts, buy my first car (this 2017!) and travel to local and overseas destinations with my loved ones.

5. You love getting awards and being recognized for your hard work.

If you’re driven to succeed and you’re passionate in receiving recognition for all the meaningful work that you do, then you deserve to be a financial advisor.


  • Since Sun Life is committed to helping you become the best financial advisor you could be, you can attend Sun Life’s free training sessions regularly – you’re learning and earning at the same time.

  • Additionally, if you become a financial advisor and join my team, Sun Life provides you with a Retirement Plan that you can enjoy when you reach your own golden years!

  • Love travel? As a Sun Life financial advisor, you have the privilege to receive travel incentives locally and abroad. 

How to Be a Financial Advisor:

It’s simple. You just need to email me your updated resume/CV: 
Subject: Lianne, I want to join your team! 
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