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Greetings! Why don't you browse this list of the services I'm offering? I may be exactly who you're looking for. 


Yes, The Wise Living is open to potential advertisers, preferably those under the niches of banking, business, personal finance, investments and self development. Please contact me here so we can work something out for you. 

Financial Consulting 

Failing to plan is planning to fail. 

Don't fail in planning your financial goals now! 

If you need a friend who you can consult with regarding budgeting, saving, investing and even spending, you can contact me. 

Consultation is FREE, by the way. :) 

Email me or add me at Skype: liannemartha.laroya 

I offer FREE financial consultations via Skype: 

Monday to Saturday: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm (GMT +8) 

Note: When adding me, please write "I need free financial consultation, Lianne." Thank you. 

Assistance in opening an investment or insurance account  

As a licensed financial advisor, I would recommend you to stick with the top ten insurance companies in the Philippines

If you decide to go with Sun Life Financial, we can develop a personalized proposal made for YOU: 

Financial Advisor Client Testimonials 

" is a big help for you specially to those people @ 20's. Like what I've mentioned, Ms Lianne is really friendly, nice and very accommodating, she will surely help you out. She is young. Younger than me. She is so cool that she knows alot about finance at a very young age even though she graduated from nursing. So cool."
- Lara EraƱa, Accenture

"I can say that Lianne's book will help many people to become financially and spiritually educated especially our kababayans and OFW's to help them invest and save for their retirement. She gave a lot of information and put an emphasize to the importance of early investing to have a financial freedom and this one gave me a kick to read more of her future books."
- Jaypee Gorgonia, Paybux partner 


As of July 2013, I am now accepting invitations to be hired as your speaker for your personal finance and self development conferences. 

Preferably, the target demographic is 20-30 somethings so that a mutual connection can be easily developed.

If you want someone to explain finance in easy-to-understand terms, hire me.

If you need someone to tackle personal finance and investments lightly and passionately, hire me. 

If you desire someone to motivate other people to work on their finances and own their lives, hire me. 

Email me directly at [email protected]