Bucket List

Who here has their own Bucket Lists? For those who do not know, a Bucket List is simply a list of incredible experiences that you absolutely want to achieve before you "kick the bucket". Kick the bucket is an English idiom which means to die, simply put.

You should have your own Bucket List to help inspire and motivate you to live the life you've always wanted, my friend! 

Without further adieu, here is my Bucket List! 

Publish a book before I'm 23.
Done! Granted, this one is self-published, but I was still proud of myself for self-publishing an ebook while I was 20. :D  This is a must-read for all young professionals out there who don't have any idea on how to budget or on how to invest.

2015 Update: Our book's a National Bookstore best-seller! *_*

Fund my little brother's college (specifically, his college tuition fees). 

I would love to do this. I know my parents are more than capable of doing so, but I think as a token of gratitude to them, this is my responsibility.

Build a non-profit organization and dedicate its name to my parents. 
I'm thinking a foundation for kidney-related patients? This is to give a tribute to my  late grandfather as well.

Fly business class! 
Do they actually give you complimentary champagne? 

Fly first class! 
I just really, really want to lie down on a bed while flying, okay? 

Be proficient in the Japanese language. 
I hope so! I plan on taking a test to have a certain certificate for this one. ;) 

2014 & 2016 Update: I've been to Japan twice, and I didn't have (a lot of) trouble communicating, so, yehey! 

See a broad way show in NEW YORK.
Call me foolish but I think this activity can help me feel like a grown-up more?

Fund for my parents' travel overseas. 
I hope I can do this! So far, I've only been able to fund their anniversary staycation in Tagaytay! :D 

Surprise my parents by setting up a dinner date for the both of them without their knowledge.
DONE! <3 I loved it and I'm pretty sure they loved it, too! 

I've lost count of how many times I've done this. :) 

Go to Japan and eat ramen there. 
I've wanted to go to Japan ever since I was 13!


& 2016 Update: I've done this twice~

Land my feet on the lands of Italy and indulge in pizzas and gelatos. Nothing makes pizza better than Italy.

Get an IV license: 
I already have one but I haven't gotten around to getting the card yet.

Do a 365 Photography Scrapbook. I guess I should own a polaroid camera first for this.

Have 5 million pesos before I'm 25! I'm talking about my personal net worth, by the way, not the actual cash. That would just be insane.

Visit England and ask around using a fake British accent. Good day, sir!

Have my own publishing company. I want to sit around and read random manuscripts all day. That would be the life.

Laugh until I cry.

Get drunk and then do karaoke: I did this with my colleagues for my college's student nurses association's Christmas party. 

Have my works bought: Working at Constant Content is one of the best things that happened in my life this October 2011! 

Make mushroom soup from scratch: Upon writing my Bucket List, I suddenly had the urge to make mushroom soup from scratch! Check it out here. 

Get a driver's license! I'm having second thoughts about this one... 

Be mentioned in a printed newspaper. Nothing scandalous. I meant be mentioned by winning an award or by achieving something of the same degree, of course!

Own a business by myself.
I'm thinking of my own writing company.

Eat only fruits for 2 days.

Learn how to make miso soup from scratch.

Ride a gondola in Venice.

Go to Paris and climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Give an opening speech and be proud of it: I remember doing this for our Nurse EntrePinoy seminar. Some people thought I was already the guest speaker! Little did they know that I almost panicked due to my nerves...

Have a Nursing License: I passed the Board last July 2011! :) Boom boom boom!

Make cookies from scratch.

Make a pot or a vase myself.

Give an inspirational talk to 100+ people.

Go to South Korea and eat a lot of meat there!