3 Ways How I Really Earn Money Online

In this page, we'll talk about where I get (most of) my online income from.  

As a financial advisor and RFP, I receive many emails from you asking recommendations on how to start investing, how to start increasing your cash flow or just how to start! 

It may also be because you read my "How to make a million pesos before the age of 30" feature by GMA News online, so you got curious. 

Or maybe you just woke up one day, feeling like you wanted to get a move on and change your financial life for the better, so you looked for online guides to help you. 

And so I thought it would be helpful for me to make this guide that you can refer to for your online earning and online investing needs! 

Where I earn money online

1. PostLoop 

You post in forums and you get paid in dollars (via Paypal). I started earning from Postloop last 2011 and I've been earning money from them ever since. 

Earn Money Posting in Forums

I remember when I used to spend 4 hours everyday reading and posting relevant posts on forums that I'm interested in just so I could earn $15 daily. Mabilis kasi ako magtype and nakaka-enjoy magbasa. 

It's also good for stay-at-home-mothers and even works best for part-timers - if you want to earn money online, but you don't want to get away from your kids while doing so, then just earn money online through Postloop. 

To see my detailed post and step-by-step instructions for signing up, go here.

Kung mahilig ka magpost sa forums, okay na din na kumikita ka habang nag-eenjoy, right? Sign up to PostLoop by clicking here. 

2. Upwork 

Talking about online work, I started as a content writer looking for jobs at Upwork.com (formerly oDesk). There, I learned how to hone my writing skills and develop website content for international brands worldwide. 

Just like in Postloop, you also get paid in dollars, but you can have your money deposited to your bank account here in the Philippines! 

Paano ko nalaman na pwede pala ito? 

This is basically the seminar which literally changed my life forever. It opened my eyes to the possibility - grabe, I can earn dollars habang nasa bahay lang ako?! 


It will make you realize that yes, you can earn dollars while working at home, you can spend time with your family while working for money and you can savor your life while working on your passion at the same time. 

It's such a life-changing and intense and powerful seminar that I recommend it to practically everyone I know! :) 

Here, you'll be asked to answer surveys so that you can earn money online. I answer 4 surveys monthly (once a week), so it's a quick $120 a month for me. 

As long as you're qualified for the survey, and as long as you answer it as soon as you get an email notification, you can be rewarded with cash via Paypal. Take note that your payment will come after a month or so, so budget some time for that.

 Cool, right? You can be rewarded $15 via Paypal for a short 20-minute survey, or $30 for a 40-minute survey.

Click here to get started filling out surveys and earning dollars.