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Sun Maxilink Prime: 3 Reasons Why My OFW Clients Get a VUL as Their First Life Insurance + Investment Policy

VUL products (like Sun Maxilink Prime) are popular among my OFW clients.  You see,  Sun Maxilink Prime is a Variable Universal Life (V...

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Hi! Thank you for dropping by and visiting my page. I am Lianne Laroya, Licensed Financial Advisor of Sun Life Financial. I'm authorized by the Insurance Commission to act as Insurance Agent and by the Securities and Exchange Commission to act as Investment Solicitor.

You can call me at 0906 243 5059 (Phone/Viber) or email me at liannemarthamlaroya@gmail.com OR liannemartha.m.laroya@sunlife.com.ph

My office is located at 12th Floor, Frabelle Building, 111 Rada St., Makati. 
My inspiring network of clients include OFWs, doctors, entrepreneurs and young Pinoy professionals but I serve all members of the society.
Most of my clients are based in Metro Manila but I also have clients from Laguna, Pampanga, Bulacan, Pangasinan and Cavite.

Overview of Sun Life Products:

Sun Maxilink Prime (http://tiny.cc/sunmaxilinkprime)- life insurance plan with investment component for your future retirement. You can also include accidental death benefit, disablement benefit, dismemberment benefit, critical illness benefit and hospital income benefit. Payable for at least 10 years. 
Learn more: http://tiny.cc/sunmaxilinkprime

Sun Flexilink (http://tiny.cc/sunflexilinkassist)– life insurance plan with investment for future retirement or college fund of your children. You can add more benefits like accidental death benefit, disablement benefit, dismemberment benefit, critical illness benefit, female critical illness benefit and hospital income benefit.
Learn more: http://tiny.cc/sunflexilinkassist

Sun Maxilink Bright (http://tiny.cc/sunmaxilinkbright)– life insurance plan with investment for future needs such as college fund for your kids or your own retirement. Payable for 5 years with the option to add accidental death, critical illness, hospital income and total disability benefit.
Learn more: http://tiny.cc/sunmaxilinkbright

Sun Flexilink1 and Maxilink ONE (http://tiny.cc/sunmaxilinkone)- Sun Flexilink1 and Sun Maxilink One both provide financial protection PLUS the flexibility to choose where your premium will be invested. Your money is carefully invested by the company’s fund managers so you get the best out of your hard-earned peso.
Learn more: http://tiny.cc/sunmaxilinkone

Investing is buying. 
- You're buying a day where you don't need to work anymore.
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- You're buying financial freedom for yourself and your family.

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